The company was founded in 1851 by Michael Steffan, an immigrant from Germany.

M. Steffan's Sons Inc. is the oldest leather goods store in the nation under the same name and family.

Always a wholesale operation, M. Steffan's Sons bought and sold leather and shoe materials.

At one time, the company operated its own tannery in Patchin, NY.

There probably hasn't been a shoemaker, shoe store or shiner who hasn't at one time or another bought from M. Steffan's Sons. At one time in its history, the company produced its own shoes under the name of Winchester Shoe Co.

The store also did harness-making in the earlier years. In more recent years, leathercraft supplies have been added.

I am the fifth generation running the business. I took over in 1993. It was a process of learning the business since my father passed away before I took over. And to this day I'm still learning. It's great just to talk to people and exchange ideas.

We pride our business in quality items and a friendly voice over the phone.

Linda L. Steffan